The large-area all-rounder
Eco Line P60

Polycrystalline solar module

The multicrystalline Luxor module with blue surface is the best guarantee for highest efficiency. It is especially suited for industrial scale equipments.

The module with 60 cells is the largest all-rounder among the sophisticated solar modules by Luxor. Its remarkably high wattage and the relatively low voltages make it possible to install more modules in series, so that the inverter can be designed more economically. This makes the Eco Line 60 really ideal for industrial scale equipments – from the open-field plant, through the tracking system, to the roof-mounted installation. The polycrystalline cells with a size of 6” are leading in the field. Your advantage: They can be produced more economically and are marked by their low temperature coefficient.    


Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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