The flexible classic product
Eco Line M72

Monocrystalline solar module

The monocrystalline module with a homogenous black surface portrays a positive image through its optimal low-light behaviour, and is perfect for dark roofs.

Eco Line 72 is the ideal module for the Solarteur, the professional solar installer. If need be, it can be handled by a single person quite well. Wherever flexibility is especially important, this adjustable module is in top form. With its dimension in a 1:2 ratio, it can always be optimally arranged in every roof covering and open-field installation. The 72-cell module with a monocrystalline cell of 5” is the proven classic device among the solar modules. The monocrystalline cell is marked by the best low-light behaviour.


Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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