Clever optimized with
Tigo Energy® technology
Eco Smart Line P60

Polycrystalline solar module with smart junction box

The multicrystalline Luxor module is the best guarantee for highest efficiency. Using intelligent electronics that is integrated into the junction box, the Eco Smart Line modules have a better overall system yield, provide greater flexibility in system design, more safety and better transparency in system monitoring.

Systems can be designed with more flexibility using the Eco Smart Line modules. Mismatch losses that occur due to different roof inclinations or partial shading, for example due to trees or chimneys, can be reduced thanks to the maximum power point tracking near the module. The smart electronics in the junction box ensures that each module delivers its maximum performance.

Another advantage of the Eco Smart Line module from Luxor Solar is the extension of the strings up to 30%. Thanks to the better system yield, the payback period of the PV system is significantly lesser for the same area. In addition, modules having different wattages can be used in the same string without any problems. Even the lengths of the individual strings within a system can now be different without adversely affecting the performance. This is an important benefit for the installer during planning and installation. Since the PV system has lesser BOS components, thanks to Eco Smart Line, the installation is quicker, easier and cheaper.

The system monitoring at the module level is also convincing. The performance of each individual module is displayed in real time and on any Internet-enabled device using the technical enhancement of the Eco Smart Line integrated into the module.

The safety of the PV system has also been improved. In case of emergency or maintenance, the PV system and each module can be switched off. This not only contributes considerably to the safety of the personnel, but also increases the overall safety of the building.


Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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