Secure Line M60

Glass-Glass module family Black Edition

The 60-cell Glass-Glass Edition is the first choice for safety-conscious system owners. Secure stands for outstanding livespan and a groundbreaking quality standard on components and manufacturing technology. Glass sheets on front and back side guarentee highest durability, mechanical stability as well as fire safety. As special edge sealing of the laminate used in automotive manufacturing provides for absolute protection from humiduity and other harmful environmental influences. The use of PVA rather that EVA as encapsulant allows for a higher transmission factor as well as 100% protection against PID. Highquality solar cell with an efficiency up to 20.6 % at the best possible low light behaviour ensure the best energy output. And this at plus tolerances of 0Wp to 6.49Wp. The Glass-Glass panel ist the best possible solution when it comes to extraordinary lifespan, reliability and durability. This is reflected by a surpassing 30-year warranty on workmanship and power.


Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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